Powerbox Mobile Terminal

  • $89.99

The Mobile Terminal is a small, convenient handset which is used to adjust and update all update-capable PowerBox products.

A powerful 32-bit processor with Wifi and Bluetooth, in conjunction with a touch-screen which is clearly legible in sunlight, make the unit similar to a smartphone in use.

PowerBox devices can be updated directly using the lead supplied in the set, or using the optional BlueCom™ Adapter .

All the usual settings are available for many products which were formerly set up using PC-Terminal and the USB Interface Adapter.

The unit can draw power from a separate battery, or from a PowerBox. The Mobile Terminal always has the current software versions available via Wifi.

These are automatically downloaded in the background, and stored on the integral SD card.


• High-resolution 320 x 480 pixel screen, legible in sunlight

• Capacitive touch-screen

• Integral Wifi for automatic updates

• Integral Bluetooth module for connecting to the BlueCom Adapter

• Provides a means of adjusting and updating all PowerBox products

• Integral 4GB SD card

• USB socket

• Expandable software

• Bi-lingual: German and English


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