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Powerbox Systems Americas is the exclusive distributor of Powerbox Systems products in the entire Americas! 

Since the company’s foundation, PowerBox-Systems GmbH has set the standard for modern, secure power supply systems for use in models. Now also the most advanced transmitters in the industry with the CORE and the ATOM! We can claim with pride that many of our own innovations, ideas and product developments have now become indispensable aspects of any modern model aircraft!


Products made by PowerBox-Systems are the world’s most widely sold and most reliable power supply systems available, with sales partners in more than fifty countries. Our transmitters are state of the art and leading edge both in form and function! Of all the power supply systems employed in model aircraft this makes us Number One supplier. PowerBox-Systems equipment is synonymous for high performance and extreme standards of workmanship, quality and reliability.

Many suppliers of model kits, engines and accessories specifically recommend PowerBox systems

All the products developed and manufactured by PowerBox-Systems continue to set the standard in terms of quality. In-house quality management procedures ensure that all our equipment is subject to product-specific tests during manufacture. All production processes are documented with painstaking accuracy, and a unique serial number and barcode are assigned to each product.

Select a PowerBox-Systems product, and you are certain to have made the right choice. You will have many years of pleasure with your product - guaranteed!


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