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Available from the mid of May.

The PBS-Vario is an extremely precise climb rate and altitude sensor for use with the PowerBox CORE, but it is also suitable for other telemetry systems.

The PBS-Vario is based on the latest generation of MEMS pressure sensor, and is capable of accurately measuring differences in height of 10 cm. A digital filter developed in-house by PowerBox-Systems ensures that the measured values are completely devoid of noise and distortion; both these features are important requirements if a vario function is to work accurately. In addition to the climb rate in m/s, the PBS-Vario measures the relative altitude (from the launch point) with a resolution of 0.1m, and the temperature at the sensor.

The PBS-Vario is extremely compact - just 33 x 10 x 4 mm in size - which allows the unit to find a home even in the smallest gliders.

The PBS-Vario can be used with the PowerBox CORE, Jeti EXBUS and Futaba S.BUS2.

  • Climb rate measurement with 0.1 m/s accuracy
  • Altitude measurement with 0.1 m accuracy
  • Temperature measurement
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low weight
  • Supports the following telemetry systems: PowerBox P²BUS, Jeti EX-Bus, Futaba S.BUS2
Technical data
Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
Current drain Power-on state max. 20mA
Supported RC systems PowerBox, Jeti, Futaba
Dimensions 33 x 10 x 4 mm
Weight 6g
Temperature range -30°C to +85°C

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