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The PBS-V60 is a small, lightweight voltage sensor which we have developed for use with the PowerBox CORE, but is also suitable for use with other telemetry systems currently on the market. The sensor is simply plugged into the receiver’s Telemetry input socket. A cable is supplied for connection to the battery; this is simply soldered or plugged into the battery connector or balancer connector.

The voltage of a rechargeable battery is a very reliable indicator of its state of charge, since the load on the battery and its age do not affect the voltage threshold at which the battery is flat. The PBS-V60 is so compact and light that it can even be used in small models.

The PBS-V60 can measure up to 60V. The telemetry system you wish to use can be selected with the PowerBox Terminal program and the USB Interface Adapter.

  • Voltage measurement up to 60V
  • Compact size
  • Low weight
  • Supports the following telemetry systems: PowerBox Core, Jeti, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner HoTT
Technical data
Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
Current drain Power-on state max. 20mA
Supported RC systems PowerBox, Jeti, Multiplex, Graupner
Dimensions 40 x 10 x 4 mm
Weight 6g
Temperature range -30°C to +85°C

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