PBR-14D Receiver

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A 14-channel receiver with two redundant receive sections. One special feature is the integral electronic 20A switch which can be operated using either the integral blue push-button or an optional Micro-switch. The battery is connected to the MPX high-current socket, which ensures that reliable power is available for all fourteen servo sockets.
The unit features two P²BUS interfaces for servo and telemetry data, and an auxiliary Data/FastTrack output which can provide 3rd Party bus interfaces or channel 15. It is also possible to connect the iGyro SAT, allowing the integral iGyro function to be used. If the unit is combined with the PBR-26XS, the internal receive sections can be expanded by one additional receive section.

  • 14 channel 2.4GHz receiver
  • Two independent redundant receiver circuits
  • Optional PBR26XS to add additional redundancy
  • Extreme interference rejection
  • Ultra-long range
  • Option of iGyro SAT
  • Two integral telemetry / servo bus (P²BUS)
  • 30cm long antennas for all mounting situations
  • Built in electronic switch, activated by integral button, MicroSwitch or MicroMag
  • MPX High power connector up to 20A
  • Powerful real-time telemetry
  • Reception quality, battery voltage, current and capacity available via telemetry at the transmitter
  • Auxiliary output as serial interface (FastTrack, S.BUS and SRXL)   
  • Parameters for all functions can be set from the transmitter
Technical data
Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
Current drain Power-on state 105mA
Supported RC systems ATOM/CORE
Channels 14
Programmable servo outputs FastTrack, SRXL, S.BUS
Servo signal resolution 4096 Steps
Signal frame rate 12ms, 15ms, 18ms, 21ms
Integral gyro system optional with iGyro SAT
Supported telemetry systems P²-BUS
Dimensions 62 x 42 x 13 mm
Weight 29 g
Temperature range -30°C to +85°C

Set contents
  • •  PBR-14D

    •  Mounting plate

    •  8 screws

    •  4 rubber grommets and brass spacer sleeves

    •  Operating instructions in English and German

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