iESC 160.HV

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The new 160.HV

Part# 5160

The iESC is based on the latest generation of controllers for brushless motors, with a 32-bit processor and expanded functions such as telemetry and the ability to adjust settings directly from the transmitter. The high-performance micro-processor ensures smooth running for brushless motors with up to 40 poles.

Brake power, motor timing, direction of rotation, gearbox reduction ratio, freewheel, helicopter mode and much more can be adjusted directly from a PowerBox or Jeti transmitter. This means that set-up boxes and plug-in jumper cards are now a thing of the past.

The iESC provides a comprehensive set of telemetry data for PowerBox, Jeti and Futaba transmitters, including battery voltage, current, consumed capacity, rotational speed and controller temperature.

The abbreviation HV stands for High Voltage; the iESC HV can handle up to14S batteries, and takes the form of an Opto version.


  •  High-performance brushless speed controller with 32-bit technology
  •  Latest generation of MosFets for reduced power loss and maximum possible reliability
  •  Telemetry for PowerBox, Jeti and Futaba radio control systems
  •  Fixed-wing and Helicopter modes
  •  Adjustable direction of rotation, timing, battery type, freewheel, start-up current and other parameters
  •  Adjustable regulatory parameters in helicopter mode
  •  Parameters directly adjustable from PowerBox and Jeti transmitters
  •  Parameters adjustable using LCD programming device for all systems
  •  Integral electronic Anti-Spark circuit
  •  HV Opto version
  •  Power-on self-test checks motor, throttle position and voltage
  •  Ingenious case design ensures optimum cooling


Technical Data

Operating voltage    6s - 14s
Maximum load current    160A / 180A Continous/Peak
Signal input    PWM
Supported RC systems    PowerBox, Jeti, Futaba, others without telemetry
Supported telemetry systems    P²-BUS, EX-BUS, S.BUS2
Dimensions    97 x 51 x 34 mm
Weight    199g
Temperature range    -20°C to +85°C


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