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The PowerBox Pioneer is the latest development of a 14-channel power supply unit without voltage regulation, designed for HV servos. Since the unit has no voltage regulators, nor the large heat-sink surfaces required for them, it offers ultra-compact dimensions. Even so, the Pioneer still provides redundancy, as is the standard for all power supply units made by PowerBox-Systems. The output section and the switch controller are duplicated in order to guarantee maximum security.

A feature which makes the Pioneer unique in its class is its integral iGyro technology, which requires only the optional iGyro SAT as sensor unit. When plugged in, the sensor transforms the power supply unit into a high-performance 9-axis gyro of the latest generation. The integrated iGyro is ultra-simple to use, and can be set up in just a few minutes, ready for the initial trimming flight. The Pioneer offers any number of facilities for fine-tuning, making it suitable for complex models and perfectionists. Stick priority, lock-in feel and gyro characteristics can be adjusted separately for each axis and for two ranges, to name just the most important of them.

The whole package is rounded off by convenience and ease of operation, as PowerBox and Jeti pilots can set up and control all aspects of the Pioneer from the transmitter! Optionally - and for Futaba and Spektrum pilots - the Pioneer can be set up using the BlueCom adapter and the smartphone app, or using a PC in conjunction with the USB interface.

In performance terms the compact Pioneer concedes nothing to the larger backers. Many series of tests have been carried out with a 40A load for several minutes, and we guarantee a continuous current capacity of 20A. The elegant aluminium heat-sink ensures the necessary heat dissipation, and even the external switch is supplied in a top-quality anodised aluminium case, machined from solid.

As a further option, the new Pioneer is also available with the MicroMag magnetic switch. This switch can be installed visible or hidden and switched on with the included magnet.


NOTE: Spektrum users will need the SRXL2 adapter lead set Part # 9192


  • 14 channels
  • High-performance battery backer with high continuous load capacity
  • Duplicated circuitry for the entire power electronics
  • Redundant electronic switch
  • All features can be controlled using PowerBox and Jeti transmitters
  • All systems can be operated using BlueCom or PowerBox USB
  • Integrated iGyro technology of the latest type, with iGyro Sat as gyro sensor
  • Nine independent gyro outputs for: 3x aileron, 3x elevator, 3x rudder
  • Special regulatory algorithm for fixed-wing models
  • Detects all transmitter mixers
  • Ultra-simple gyro programming in just a few minutes
  • Optional GPS mode for speed-dependent gyro compensation
  • Telemetry data for PowerBox P²BUS, Futaba S.BUS2, Jeti Ex-BUS and Spektrum SRXL2
  • Transmission of voltage, current, capacity, lost frames and holds
  • User-variable servo frame rate: 10ms, 12ms, 14ms, 16ms, 18ms
  • Suppression of servo feedback currents
  • Ultra-modern 32-bit micro-processor ensures swift, accurate signal processing
  • Efficient heat dissipation via the high-quality machined and anodized aluminum case
  • Machined and anodized aluminum switch housing
  • Space-saving low-profile format
  • Ultra-lightweight construction


Technical data
Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
Power supply 2S LiPo/LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH
Current drain Power-on state 105mA
Current drain Standby 30µA
Maximum load current Continuous 2x10A ( <30s 2x20A )
Drop-out voltage 0.3V
Output voltage unregulated
Signal input serial
Supported RC systems PowerBox, Futaba, Jeti and Spektrum
Receiver redundancy SRS
Channels 26
Servo sockets 14
Servo signal resolution 0,5µs
Signal frame rate 10ms, 12ms, 14ms, 16ms, 18ms
Gyro regulation Heading- and Normal mode
Gyro sensor type external iGyro Sat
Number of sensor axes 9
Supported telemetry systems P²BUS, S.BUS2, EX-Tele, SRXL2
Dimensions 63 x 44 x 12 mm
Weight 40g
Weight Sensor Switch 6g
Temperature range -30°C to +75°C
Set contents
  • PowerBox Pioneer
  • MicroSwitch
  • 2 patch leads
  • 1 double-sided self-adhesive pad
  • Operating instructions in german and english

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