Micromatch Setup with Martin!

Posted by Daniel Diaz on

Quick how to for the new electronic Y lead by Powerbox-Systems, the Micro Match, which allows you to individually set up the two servos on the other end of the Y lead, while still only using one channel.

Both servos on one side, receiver on the other, and USB/Bluecom adapter to spare lead for programming
1. Open Powerbox Mobile Terminal software and connect with the MicroMatch
2. Select MicroMatch and then Quick Connect
3. Use reverse option individually per servo if necessary
4. Individually program the center, then maximum throws each way, one by one:
a) With the stick in the position required (Center, full left or full right) press START
b) Use the slider to adjust that position of the servo (Moving the slider only a small amount adjusts the servo very precisely and slowly // Moving the slider to the end adjusts the servo very quickly in large increments)
c) Once at the desired position, de-press START 5- Repeat for the rest of the servo positions.

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